This repo is a set of tools for Nightingale
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This repo is a set of tools for Nightingale.


It's a bash script to compile Nightingale and upload nightlies if there are changes on a branch of the repo. You have to configure it by editing

rsync is used to upload files on, so first be sure to generate keys, and upload your public key on your account:

(Be sure to avoid passphrase if you want the script to run automatically)

How to:

cp #copy the sample to the config file
nano #edit config file using your favorite text editor
chmod +x #to make the script executable
./ #to launch the build process
./ -f #to force build even if there are no changes in the branch

You can put an entry in cron (/etc/crontab) to build it everyday:

# m h dom mon dow user     command
  0 0   *   *   * youruser /home/youruser/./

Linux/Mac users:

Be sure to have rsync and git installed

Windows users:


  • is a bash script to produce langpacks xpi files for Nightingale based on strings from Adofex and Mozilla strings it also generates a locales.xml file

  • is a bash script to push en-US locales change on Adofex

Be sure to install tx and jq before.

The following scripts were developped to fetch Songbird langpacks, they are not working anymore since Songbird servers are down :

  • is a bash script to fetch/download latest Songbird langpacks and extract them in separated locale folders.

Be sure to install xsltproc and unzip before (available on Debian/Ubuntu):

sudo apt-get install xsltproc unzip
  • is quite the same script but it repack langpacks to be compatible with Nightingale.
  • is a bash script to download Songbird langpacks which are not shipped by default (less than 50% strings translated)


Look at issues on GitHub.