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# Songbird/Nightingale version
# Make a folder for locales
mkdir locales
# Remove locales.xml first
rm locales.xml
# Download locales.xml
wget${version}/timestamp/osarch/en-US/release/os/default/default/locales.xml --no-check-certificate
# Generate a list of downloadable files with wget
xsltproc locales.xsl locales.xml > locales/
cd locales
# Make the script executable
chmod +x
# Launch it to wget all langpacks
# Unzip each langpack to have files
for file in *; do
if [ -d $file ]; then
#mkdir $file/test;
unzip $file/langpack-* -d $file
rm $file/langpack-*
unzip $file/songbird.jar -d $file/songbird
rm $file/songbird.jar
rm $file/install.rdf
rm $file/chrome.manifest
rm -Rf $file/chrome
wget ""${file}"/translators" -O $file/translators.html
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