Generate Open Graph Protocol tags for your content.
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Open Graph

This plugin adds Open Graph Protocol tags to your articles.


To output the tags generated by this plugin, simply add this code in your template:

{% for tag in article.ogtags %}
    <meta property="{{tag[0]}}" content="{{tag[1]|striptags|e}}" />
{% endfor %}

Metadata values are constructed from the SITENAME and SITEURL settings, from the article title, from the article slug, from the article category and from these standard metadata tags:

  • date
  • modified
  • tags

Additionaly, the plugin also read these metadata tags:

  • og_image, an URL to an image that will represent your article;
  • og_description, a short description of your article. If not provided, the description will be set to summary, which is often too long;
  • og_locale, the locale of your article (e.g. 'fr_CA'). If not provided, the locale will be set to your Pelican settings LOCALE.