🐛 A plugin for large-scale climate and urban heat island modeling. http://ladybug.tools
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Dragonfly for Grasshopper

Dragonfly allows users to model large-scale climate phenomena such as urban heat island. Dragonfly intends to make many large-scale climate variables accessible to CAD interfaces and the other insects of Ladybug Tools.

Dragonfly uses the Urban Weather Generator (uwg) and Ladybug (legacy version)


See requirements and installation instructions on our Wiki pages

Contributors (in alphabetical order):

Anna Song

Antonello Di Nunzio

Chris Mackey

Joseph Yang

Mostapha Roudsari

Saeran Vasanthakumar

Many thanks are due to the Urban Microclimate Group at MIT and Bruno Bueno et al., who initially developed the Urban Weather Generator for his PhD thesis.