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Islander - Greek islands from a Greek perspective
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Islander - Greek islands guide from the Greeks

The purpose of this repository is to get familiar with the Git and GitHub's concepts and practice some basic commands. The outcome will be published as an unofficial travel guide! (Check last years' contributions)

Important: Please send your GitHub username to Antonis (if you have not shared it yet either in the lab or via email) so that you can contribute to this repository as a collaborator.


  • Clone this repository locally
  • Add information about Greek islands or anything interesting for a tourist to the file
  • Contribute generously
  • Add interesting things [use references]
  • Make categories, organize things
  • Feel free to add images/videos
  • You may change/modify text added by others
  • Commit your changes
  • Push to the GitHub repository (if required pull and resolve merge conflicts)

Deadline – 12:59 PM, Feb 27, 2019


  • Include links where necessary (i.e., locations, bars, etc.)
  • You can include pictures, but don't forget to commit and push them. Pictures should be placed in the Photos/ directory
  • Rearrange text if you think that it should be organized different - refactorings are always welcome!
  • Use references for pictures and videos - You cannot reuse web content without citing the original source

Grading system

  • Number of contributions - the more the better
  • Completeness of each contribution. (one sentence contributions are 'bad' contributions)
  • Breaking things have a penalty...
  • Fixing others breaks have a bonus!
  • Quality of commit messages - descriptive (of the change) and concise
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