Official Pebble app for /r/AppHookup. Allows you to read the last few deals posted to the subreddit.
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/r/AppHookup for Pebble

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Contact me @Antrikshy with any suggestions or feedback.

Official Pebble app for /r/AppHookup. Get app deals for all platforms right on your wrist!

With this app, you can quickly and easily check daily app discounts and limited time free deals without browsing to reddit from your phone or computer. Obviously the app cannot let you act on the deals. But it's very convenient to quickly check the last 35 posts on the sub from the app to see if there is something worth getting.

If you don't know about the subreddit, /r/AppHookup is a community where people share discounted apps and games for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac etc. including platforms like Steam and Origin with each other.


Search the Pebble App Store for "AppHookup".

For the curious

The app is written in Pebble.js (in beta at the time of writing). I have posted this code hoping that it helps out somebody who is trying to get into Pebble.js apps. If you are a beginner wondering about the folder hierarchy, most of the repo was generated by CloudPebble.


If you have a cool idea for an improvement, you can contribute. To test your changes, simply

  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Copy the contents of src/app.js into a CloudPebble project (or however you prefer to develop). All the logic is in that one file.
  3. Make changes and test app on your watch through CloudPebble.
  4. Use CloudPebble to push changes to your forked repo.
  5. Send me a pull request

You don't have to contribute in code. You can tweet me any of your ideas or other feedback @Antrikshy.

I thank Thanasis Grammatopoulos from Stack Overflow for helping out with the regular expressions in this app. That accounts for just about half of what this app does. See answer.


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