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Habitual Marketing Banner

Habitual is a simple and smart-looking watchface that aims to help you pick up habits.

Use the Pebble app to enter up to five lines of custom text, reminding yourself to drink water, to continue working on that novel, to learn French and so on. Habitual will rotate between your custom reminders every 5 minutes.

Design + Reference

I'm new to Pebble development, so this watchface may be rough around the edges.

Habitual is written as a native watchface in C (src/main.c), with a PebbleKit JS component (src/js/app.js), which allows for communication between the watchface and the user's phone. It allows users to set custom habits through a settings page, which is hosted on Amazon S3 and (obviously) accessible through the settings button in the Pebble app. The webpage used for configuration is included in this repo, at web_config/habitual_config.html.

I have tried to be descriptive through in-line comments, so feel free to use this watchface as reference material. For an in-depth guide on how to implement user configuration in a Pebble project, check out this blog post I wrote.


I used CloudPebble to write and test this watchface. The repo loosely follows the folder structure generated by it. I do not have experience with the Pebble SDK, but I have included whatever build script it generates (wscript), so you should be able to clone and compile.

Alternatively, you should be able to set up a new CloudPebble project and manually insert files from this repo into it to help you compile and test.

If you want to contribute, try adding support for custom colors on Basalt and Chalk platforms.


If you wish to contact me about this project for any reason, reach me @Antrikshy or message u/Antrikshy on reddit.


Pebble watchface that displays user-configured text throughout the day to help cultivate habits





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