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NetflixRoulette Node.js API

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A very simple, fully-functional Node wrapper for NetflixRoulette's API that I wrote for some practical experience with Node. Add this module as a dependency in your Node project to access NetflixRoulette with a few easy-to-use functions.



Use npm install netflix-roulette in your Node.js project folder.

This will create a new node_modules folder if one does not already exist. Add it to your dependencies in package.json.


var NetflixRoulette = require('netflix-roulette');


The API currently has three parameters, title, actor and director. This module allows you to query any of them through rather intuitive functions. Since it is an open API, you do not need keys or authentication of any sort.

  1. NetflixRoulette.title('Tucker & Dale vs. Evil', callbackFunc(error, data), 2010);
    [year parameter is optional]

  2.'Keira Knightley', callbackFunc(error, data));

  3. NetflixRoulette.director('Christopher Nolan', callbackFunc(error, data));

The error value is set only when there is a problem requesting data from the API. Any errors in finding the data will be reported in the data variable with error == null.

Refer to NetflixRoulette's API guide for details on returned data.


Report any bugs from the Issues section.

If you have any questions, contact me @Antrikshy. You can reach, Andrew, the developer of NetflixRoulette @CodeusaSoftware.