A simple program that renders a mountain scene into an image using ray tracing.
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Screenshots of the program and Windows and Linux binaries compiled by Antti Vainio are available on his site at:

This program participated in a programming contest in which you were supposed to create a 'drawing program'.
The program was supposed to draw an image based on a black and white silhouette image stored in 'malli.bmp' and save the resulting image into 'teos.bmp'.
This program is a ray tracer that uses the given image as a heightmap to render a mountain scene using numerous graphical effects that are common in present computer graphics.

Note that the program itself does not have any graphical interface but is a pure command line program and as such does not require any additional libraries.

Compiling instructions:
The program can be compiled at least on Windows and Linux.
Linux users may use the provided Makefile to compile the program.

This program was originally released on January 30th, 2012 at https://www.anttivainio.net

You may use all the source codes for anything you want.