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Term project for EECS 371

Team Members

AnujIravane, jnbohrer, k-jin


Requires python, zchaff
The zchaff installation directory is included in this repository
Move into the directory, and run make
Copy the zchaff executable into your path (echo $PATH to find directories on path)
Don't move the file as it is still required in the project directory


Navigate to Clue-Reasoner directory
run the following commands to start the default game:

import ClueGame  
game = ClueGame.ClueGame()  

You can create and run multiple games. However, after creating one game, you must either call startGame() or reset() before creating the next game.
You can specify how many players to include in the game (between 2 and 6, inclusive) by passing the number to ClueGame().
The default number of reasoners for a game is 6. Example of altering human and reasoner number:
game= ClueGame.ClueGame(1,4)
would create a game with 1 human and 4 reasoners for 5 total players.

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