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A 2D sandbox game, written using libGDX and Java 8. Partially made as a testing ground for Entity Component systems, AI, world generation, biome generation and shaders.

This project is no longer being worked on. I have moved on to other things.
No issues with the game will be fixed.

axe-wielding crabs


Current Features

  • infinite procedurally generated world
  • biomes and cave systems
  • basic building, resource collection
  • reflective water shaders
  • GUI made with uCore Scene
  • multiplayer, made with Kryonet
  • crabs
  • lighting system, using a modified version of box2D lights
  • ingame chat


  1. Install JDK 8 - not any other version! If you fail to use the right version, the build may fail.
  2. Open a terminal/command prompt, and run ./gradlew server:run (linux/mac) / gradlew.bat server:run (windows)
  3. Open another terminal/cmd tab and run ./gradlew desktop:run (linux/mac) / gradlew.bat desktop:run (windows)
  4. Press "connect" in the game window.
  5. Experience a broken game that will never be fixed.


I haven't touched this project in at least 2 years, so if you run into problems, you're on your own.

### Roadmap

  • proper player characters
  • crafting
  • more blocks
  • passive creatures
  • enemies
  • saving entities in chunks
  • block entities and data