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@Anuken Anuken released this Nov 20, 2019

  • Added experimental lighting system - can be enabled in custom game rules
  • Added power diode block (Contributed by Quezler)
  • Added plated conduit block (Contributed by Quezler)
  • Added hotkeys for selecting blocks (Contributed by joshuaptfan) [Desktop]
  • Added light block for dark maps only
  • Added customizable global rules [Server]
  • Added commands to specify next map in rotation [Server]
  • Improved pulse conduit speed (Contributed by Quezler)
  • Improved building priority
  • New permissive mod parsing format (HJSON)
  • Fixed files not importing and/or crashing game [iOS]
  • Fixed a few incorrect consumption displays in blocks
  • Fixed some modding issues related to sets and formatting
  • Fixed 'underwater' ores in editor
  • Fixed incorrect bridge linking in certain conditions
  • Fixed inverted sorter chains
  • Fixed black terrain after schematic construction [Android]
  • Fixed many other UI and small in-game bugs
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