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@Anuken Anuken released this Mar 5, 2019 · 122 commits to master since this release


  • fixed and unfixed innumerable bugs
  • added new graphics, still unfinished
  • added new zone system to replace sectors
  • added tech tree
  • add new crafting blocks
  • added new resources for old ones
  • added new units, boss waves (no factories for any of them yet)
  • added unit factory limit
  • added core tiers (now 3/4/5 blocks in size)
  • added titanium walls
  • added spray tool in editor
  • added many new environment blocks
  • added basic game statistics after game-overs
  • added new bar/consumption display when hovering over blocks
  • added new 'attack' mode with objective to destroy enemy core
  • added back 'wall' blocks
  • added player self-destruct timer for map edges
  • balancing
  • new power system implemented by @Timmeey86 and @baltitenger
  • disassociated any unlocks from custom games
  • performance improvements for some devices
  • removed fog-of-war
  • removed storage chaining due to dangerous snake activity
  • removed minimap, will come back in a later release if it behaves this time
  • removed stone, lava, dense alloy
  • removed command center, shifting away from RTS style
  • removed elevation
  • removed hard map border limit
  • removed 'text.' prefix in bundles
  • removed carrying units (for now)
  • made selectable blocks like sorter auto-hide after click
  • made waves skippable when no enemies present
  • switched to custom game framework based off of libGDX
  • many internal changes most people won't notice
  • tau mech repair targeting [Mobile]
  • auto-creation of map directory [Server]

Known issues:

  • random death after going in a pad
  • invisible players
  • many sprites are distorted
  • conveyors behave very strangely

Unfinished things:

  • oil is now quite useless and needs balancing
  • better zone progression
  • tech tree layout and style
  • stats for turret ammo
  • freebuild is missing
  • conveyor optimization

Expect the usual flood of bugfix updates after this. I'll wait at least a day to collect crash reports.

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