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@Anuken Anuken released this Apr 4, 2019

  • Fixed drills not prioritizing correct items
  • Fixed Impact Reactor displaying fluctuating and incorrect power values
  • Fixed unplaceable blocks showing up as unbreakable schematics on servers
  • Fixed kick messages and map author messages displaying as a garbled mess [Server]
  • Fixed player teams being reset to blue after map reset in PvP
  • ""Fixed"" ground units spinning around
  • """Fixed""" a """"""bug""""" where the entire game would do very specific things and flash very specific colors when you opened a very specific menu under very specific conditions that were introduced on a very specific day
  • Absolutely did not fix the flipped wave button bug
  • Optimized all crafter block item and liquid processing
  • Optimized unit collisions
  • Implemented proper damage propagation - walls now contain explosions
  • Buffed Differential Generator, Impact Reactor, Batteries, Mender
  • PvP balancing: cheaper and more powerful units, weaker players, higher spawn cap
  • Shuffled around tech tree
  • Better stats for all blocks in general
  • Made launch button be more flashy and obnoxious
  • Made back button hide the application when in main menu [Android]
  • Added stats for item consumption speed, all inputs and output for crafters
  • Added minimap (prepare for the flipping)
  • Added full-screen map view
  • Added pixelation option (yes, stop bothering me about it now)
  • Added new rule modifiers
  • Added option for shield shaders, disabled by default on mobile
  • Added full map screenshot button (again) [Desktop]
  • Removed microtransaction permission and donations dialog
  • Moved donations directly to
  • The great FPS counter migration continues
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