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@Anuken Anuken released this Apr 30, 2019

  • Fixed thorium reactors not exploding properly
  • Fixed impact reactor not requiring blast compound
  • Fixed one case where enemies would not spawn in sectors
  • Fixed multiple generators not working properly
  • Fixed meltdown not being able to fire with cryofluid
  • Fixed distortion on many sprites, most notably ores and incinerator blocks
  • Fixed core inventory persisting throughout worlds
  • Fixed drones being useless
  • Fixed broken minimap panning on mobile
  • Fixed ores being place-able on liquids when generating
  • Fixed settings menu being nearly unusable due to empty space [Mobile]
  • Reverted unit avoidance code, units will now be laggy again [Fixes trapped units]
  • Made fortress units no longer camp outside walls
  • Made starter mech alpha for mobile and desktop
  • Made mechs be able to fly over environment walls
  • Added block damage indicators, removed smoke
  • Added more zones [Maps made by Dexapnow-- largely untested!]
  • Added a procedurally generated zone
  • Added coal centrifuge, converts oil -> coal
  • Added in-game chat overlay, typing indicator
  • Added minimap open key [Desktop]
  • Added new environmental blocks
  • Moved loadout configuration into separate dialog
  • Power generator balancing
  • Improved custom game options, added more configuration [Made by Natchuz]
  • Improved Discord info
  • Improved usability of tech tree: descriptions will now pan to edge of screen, deselect on tap [Mobile]
  • Updated many different zone maps
  • Almost too many language updates
  • Experimental decrease of snapshot frequency
  • Experimental rewrite of mass drivers
  • Experimental rewrite of respawning code
  • Experimental changes of building sync code
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