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@Anuken Anuken released this Jun 7, 2019

  • Fixed wave turret not firing correctly when targeting large blocks
  • Fixed fire not appearing on servers
  • Fixed mass drivers not being affected by low power
  • Changed maps to use the same format as saves. Existing maps are converted on startup.
  • Added in-game editor to configure blocks and place units. Other editing is currently not supported due to the paused state.
  • Added map default rule selection
  • Added delayed buffers to all previous 'instant-transfer' blocks (sorter, overflow gate)
  • Added repulsion field around enemy spawnpoints
  • Added median filter in editor
  • Added a few maps from mapping contest
  • Added starting items of 100 copper to custom games
  • Added 'diagonal mode' button, moved cancel button to left [Mobile]
  • New tile transitions to prevent 'deceptive' blending
  • New map selection screen, allows for choosing custom rules based on map
  • Many internal changes to support map saves
  • Tweaks to mech balance
  • Tweaks to pathfinding, may fix some issues
  • Improved most block sprites
  • Increased Fuse range, decreased reload time
  • Increased Impact Reactor power output, decreased item and cryofluid usage
  • Changelogs and contributors are now only fetched when dialogs are opened, reducing memory usage
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