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@Anuken Anuken released this Aug 6, 2019

  • Fixed UI scaling not working on mobile
  • Fixed custom rules not working on mobile
  • Fixed crash occurring on loading older maps
  • Fixed some older maps having automatic ore gen
  • Fixed users being able to open multiple dialogs in menu
  • Fixed players being able to play ""multiplayer"" in a singleplayer world via dialog exploit
  • Fixed crashes sometimes not getting displayed or saved
  • Fixed wave menu jittering
  • Improved item inventory display
  • Improved UI fading
  • Moved launch controls to wave button
  • Changed default team color to orange
  • Rebalancing: all blocks now cost half as much, with correspondingly less ore generated
  • Added new mandatory Attack map
  • Added power beam color modulation based on satisfaction
  • Added automatic node linking
  • Added drill speed/output display
  • Added display for turret ammo needed/used
  • Added music. Currently only for main menu, editor and launch dialog. In-game music will be added next release.
  • Added sound effects; for testing only. Incomplete; will be updated next release.
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