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Academic Integrity:

Academic Integrity:

Plagiarism: Please do not assume that you already know what "plagiarism" is. The "plagiarism" section of the Student Life and Academic Handbook describes at least four (4) different kinds of plagiarism, and includes helpful strategies for avoiding and correcting plagiarism. Students are responsible for becoming familiar with this teaching document. It is also available online here:

Cheating: The course may offer quizzes or exams online using the Moodle learning management system. Quizzes or exams may be timed to discourage cheating, or may have to be taken in a “full screen mode” or other security-based mode. Any suspicion that a student has cheated, or assisted another student in cheating, will be reported immediately to the administration for investigation.

In the context of the requirements of this course, 11-542 "Elementary Hebrew 2," students are encouraged to ask the professor any questions they may have about understanding and avoiding plagiarism.

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