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React Hasura Todo

A simple todo app built using React and Hasura GraphQL Enginer.


  1. Secure Authentication using auth0.
  2. Create as many todos as you want. Mark them complete or delete them if required.
  3. Check all your todos created till now.

Try this app

Setting up your own todo app with your own database.

  1. Clone this repository using
  2. Install the dependencies using yarn install.
  3. Deploy your Hasura GraphQL Server using One Click Deploy to Heroku.
  4. In your just created Heroku app, add an environment variable HASURA_GRAPHQL_ACCESS_KEY with its value being something you can remember. This key will be required to access your Hasura GraphQL server.
  5. Create a table named todos with following fields
    • todo_id: integer (auto increment)
    • todo_text: Text
    • todo_mark: Boolean
    • todo_user: Text
    • Chose todo_id as Primary Key.
  6. Set the permissions for your table in Hasura GraphQL server as follows:
    • Create a new role user.
    • For insert chose with custom checks
      • Select todo_user as the field, make it _eq to X-HASURA-USER-ID
    • For select chose with same checks as ---- and select all columns for access.
    • For update chose with same checks as ---- and give access only to todo_mark column.
    • For delete chose with same checks as ----.
  7. Sign up on and create a new application.
  8. In the application settings, add http://localhost:3000/callback to the Allowed Callback Urls.
  9. Deploy auth0handler using One Click Deploy to Heroku
  10. Add an environment variable to your just deployed auth handler AUTH_ZERO_DOMAIN with its value being your auth0 domain address.
  11. Add an environment variable in your Hasura GraphQL server Heroku app .HASURA_GRAPHQL_AUTH_HOOK and keep its value your auth0 handler url/auth0/webhook.
  12. Create a file .env and include write the following data in it.
  1. Change the domain in src/Auth/Auth.js to your auth0 domain.
  2. Change the uri in src/Components/Home.js to your Hasura GraphQL server url endpoint.
  3. Run the local server using yarn start.