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An Android app that will tell you if you are allergic to anything in a picture of your food 📷
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The Android app that lets you snap a picture of your food and tells you if you might be allergic to the food in the picture.

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I came across Clarifai's public machine learning models and was amazed that the Food model could recognize food down to its ingredient level. This got me thinking about the multitudinous possibilities that this model could be used for.

Problem that is solved

When you are in a social setting and are offered food and you are not sure who the chef is or whether the food has the thing you are allergic to, most people simply choose not to eat it. Now, you can simply pull out your phone, take a picture of the food in front of you and know definitively whether you can eat it or not in <1 second.

Last thoughts

I was curious about machine learning and wanted to create something using Clarifai's Machine Learning API. This project was super fun to work on :D


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