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Titanic Survival Prediction-v1_fill_in_blanks-Colab.ipynb
Titanic Survival Prediction-v1_fill_in_blanks.ipynb

ML HandsOn environment setup

Binder Setup:

  1. Click on the URL and wait for binder to open Jupyter notebook (won’t take more than 2 minutes). ML HandsOn URL
  2. You should be able to see it as shown below.
-Note: If there’s any inactivity in the tab for more than 10 minutes then the connection will get terminated. 
-Kindly don’t switch from the tab for more than 10 minutes. 

If you are facing any issues connecting with binder, then we would recommend you use Google Colaboratory and its setup steps are below.

Google Colab Setup:

  1. Download files from Git repo
  2. Login to any of your Gmail account
  3. Search for google colab
  4. Under menu choose File -> upload notebook
  5. Choose file “Titanic Survival Prediction-v1_fill_in_blanks.ipynb" to upload
  6. When running notebook, you would be asked to upload dataset file “train.csv” as you see in below screenshot
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