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AnyBlok is a Python framework allowing to create highly dynamic and modular applications on top of SQLAlchemy.

AnyBlok is released under the terms of the Mozilla Public License.

AnyBlok is hosted on github - the main project page is at or source code is tracked here using git.

Releases and project status are available on Pypi at

The most recent published version of the documentation should be at

There is a tutorial to teach you how to develop applications with AnyBlok at

Project Status

AnyBlok is expected to be stable. Some early partners are using it on production and are involved in the project development. We are aiming to make a stable release as soon as possible.

Users should take care to report bugs and missing features on an as-needed basis.

It should be expected that the development version may be required for proper implementation of recently repaired issues in between releases; the latest master is always available at


Install released versions of AnyBlok from the Python package index with pip or a similar tool:

pip install anyblok

Installation via source distribution is via the script:

python install

Installation will add the anyblok commands to the environment.

Running Tests

To run framework tests with pytest:

pip install pytest
ANYBLOK_DATABASE_DRIVER=postgresql ANYBLOK_DATABASE_NAME=test_anyblok py.test anyblok/tests

To run tests of all installed bloks with demo data:

anyblok_createdb --db-name test_anyblok --db-driver-name postgresql --install-all-bloks --with-demo
ANYBLOK_DATABASE_DRIVER=postgresql ANYBLOK_DATABASE_NAME=test_anyblok py.test anyblok/bloks

AnyBlok is tested continuously using Travis CI

Contributing (hackers needed!)

AnyBlok is ready for production usage even though it can be improved and enriched. Feel free to fork, talk with core dev, and spread the word !


Jean-Sébastien Suzanne


  • Jean-Sébastien Suzanne
  • Georges Racinet
  • Pierre Verkest
  • Franck Bret
  • Denis Viviès
  • Alexis Tourneux
  • Hugo Quezada
  • Simon André
  • Florent Jouatte
  • Christophe Combelles
  • Sébastien Chazallet
  • François GUÉRIN


Bugs and features enhancements to AnyBlok should be reported on the Issue tracker.