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many2one with reverse one2many to polymorphic Model #68

gracinet opened this Issue Oct 25, 2018 · 0 comments


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gracinet commented Oct 25, 2018

It seems that having a many2one with a reverse one2many towards a base polymorphic Model gives rise to problems upon deletions.

This is all happening in a change I'm trying to do within anyblok_wms_base (for its issue #26, with the m2o being from Avatar to Operation:

class Avatar:
    outcome_of = Many2One(index=True,
                          model=Model.Wms.Operation, nullable=False)

To reproduce, l


ERROR: test_whole_planned_execute_obliviate (anyblok_wms_base.core.operation.tests.test_move.TestMove)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok_wms_base/anyblok_wms_base/core/operation/tests/", line 80, in test_whole_planned_execute_obliviate
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok_wms_base/anyblok_wms_base/core/operation/", line 559, in obliviate
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok_wms_base/anyblok_wms_base/core/operation/", line 743, in obliviate_single
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok_wms_base/anyblok_wms_base/core/operation/", line 697, in delete_outcomes
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok/anyblok/bloks/anyblok_core/core/", line 577, in delete
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok/anyblok/bloks/anyblok_core/core/", line 531, in expire_relationship_mapped
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok/anyblok/bloks/anyblok_core/core/", line 552, in expire
    self.registry.expire(self, fields)
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok/anyblok/", line 1093, in expire
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok/anyblok/", line 121, in wrapper
    return method(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/gracinet/anybox/projets/Sensee/anyblok_wms/anyblok/anyblok/bloks/anyblok_core/core/", line 231, in get_hybrid_property_columns
    fd = cls.fields_description(*pks)
TypeError: fields_description() takes from 1 to 2 positional arguments but 3 were given

I checked with pdb:

-> fd = cls.fields_description(*pks)
(Pdb) l
226  	        inherited model if they come from polymorphisme
227  	        """
228  	        hybrid_property_columns = cls.hybrid_property_columns
229  	        if 'polymorphic_identity' in cls.__mapper_args__:
230  	            pks = cls.get_primary_keys()
231  ->	            fd = cls.fields_description(*pks)
232  	            for pk in pks:
233  	                if fd[pk].get('model'):
234  	                    Model = cls.registry.get(fd[pk]['model'])
235  	                    hybrid_property_columns.extend(
236  	                        Model.get_hybrid_property_columns())
(Pdb) pks
['id', 'id']

and I suspect these are the primary keys for the subclass (Move) as well as the polymorphic parent (Operation). Overall, I imagine theyre'd problems with m2os targetting Models with complex primary keyrs, too.

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