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License Issues

I downloaded the program of "AnyBody-to-Abaqus" or "AnyBody-to-ANSYS", but cannot run it. There was a message indicating I don't have license for it.

Try putting the license right next to the AnyFE....exe. Copy the existing license file and paste it into the same folder as the AnyFE2Abaqus or AnyFE2APDL.exe. In some cases it also helps renaming the license to just "license"!

Exporting STL

I'm having trouble exporting a STL from AnyBody!

I want to export a bone for use in FE. If I click on the femur in the model view it highlights the folder drw3 under the model tab on the left. When I right click the folder I have the option to export surface and a box appears allowing me to save as an .stl file. When I name the file and click save, there is a short pause and I am presented with the following message: AnyBody.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have fixed that bug a while ago and uploaded a new AnyBody Modeling System; however, some people still use an earlier AMS version. So please go to and download the newest version and the STL export will work!


If you have trouble with the use of the AnyBody -to -ANSYS or -Abaqus tool, there is a demo in the Tutorials! If you still experience problems, please ask in the Forum and we will add more explanations here.

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