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Several medical terms are used in the Body Model of the AnyBody Modeling System. This might be easy for medical doctors, students or for (bio)engineers with anatomical training, but for the rest it is often difficult. Here is a short description of several terms:

anterior = to the front

posterior = to the back

medial = to the middle of the body

lateral = to the side of the body

proximal = to the center of the body

distal = away from the center

superior = upwards

inferior = downwards

here are some links to explanations



This is a list of the bones in the human body:

  • Skull
  • The spine divided into:
    • Cervical vetebrae C1 - C7; C1 is the upper most vertebrae
    • Thoracic vertabrae T1 - T12
    • Lumbar vertebrae L1 - L5
    • Sacrum
  • Pelvis combines spine to the lower extremities.
  • Lower extremities:
    • Femur
    • Tibia (Fibula)
    • Foot bones
  • Upper extremities:
    • Humerus
    • Ulna
    • Radius
    • Hand bones

here is a picture of the names of the bones:


here is s link to the hand bones:


here is a link to the foot bones:


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