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What can I do with the AnyGait application?

AnyGait is a powerful application to analyze motion capture trials from gait labs. AnyGait is based on the AnyBody Modeling System, the very general and comprehensive musculoskeletal simulation package, and it is packaged so it is easy to setup and use in a laboratory or clinical environment. It uses standard measured motion from MOCAP and ground reaction forces measured with standard force plates collected in a c3d file as input. In addition to joint angles and netto joint reaction forces and moments, which are calculated directly from the measurements, AnyGait predicts muscle activities and associated joints reactions. The underlying AnyBody body model consists of all major bones and over 1000 muscles branches. Each of these muscles activities, or their forces, can be displayed separately as well as a large number of other and related properties. AnyGait is pre-setup to output the most important results in a condensed and easy-to-read form. Currently, this standard output contain joint angles of ankle, knee, and hip, joint reaction forces of ankle, knee, and hip, and muscle activity of major muscle branches, but it is customizable to meet the needs and requirements of a given laboratory, application, and patient group. What input do I need to use the AnyGait application? AnyGait uses motion capture including ground reaction forces for input in the form of C3D files. You will need a static and a dynamic trial, the way they are captured in most GaitLabs. AnyGait must be setup with the marker protocols used. A number of standard setups are available for use with different MoCap systems such as Vicon, Qualysis, and SIMI, and the system can easily be customized to other protocols. AnyBody Technology assists with any such laboratory specific setups. Additional to the C3D files, you will need the anthropometric data such as weight and height of the subject.  

What technical requirements are needed for the AnyGait application?

AnyGait requires a basic Windows based computer or Laptops. It has been developed using Microsoft Windows 7. However, previous Windows versions are also running fine. For further details read more at

What do I have to do to start the AnyGait application?

In order to use the AnyGait application, you will need the AnyBody Modeling System (AMS) and a valid license for that. There is a separate manual on how to install it. Once you have installed the AMS, you will be able to start AnyGait by double clicking on the AnyGait workspace, or the AnyGait.Main in your AnyGait folder. The AnyGait workspace is a link to the pre-loaded AnyGait.Main.any file. If you run a different AnyBody version, it might however not work. Therefore you will have to open AnyGait via the Main file and load the model.

Where can I find the AnyGait model?

In the AMMRv1.5 you will find a Folder within the Applications named AnyGait. In the AMS v5.2 you can extract the Repository under Help/Demo.

How can I start the AnyGait Model?

You can start the AnyGait Model by double clicking the AnyGait.Main.Any file in the AnyGait Model.

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