Using Notepad to edit AnyScipt

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The following file will enable Notepad++ to recognize AnyScript code and do syntax highlighting and folding:

To load. Select the menu "Language"->"Define your language" and click import...


Why is Notepad++ usefull

The standard editor in AnyBody has some nice features to integrate with the model view and model tree, and open include files. However, even though it has many special features it is also pretty basic in all other aspects. Sometimes a more powerfull editor is REALLY usefull. Notepad++ editor is one such editor (like emacs for windows)

The main benefits are:

  • Tabed document and Multi-View
  • Effective search replace with regex
  • Code folding
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Macro recording/playback
  • Document map
  • Multi editing

To really understand the power of notepad++ see this example of column mode editing:


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