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Find out what's the AnyCubic Trigorilla Pro board is all about
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Project Reverse Engineer Trigorilla Pro Board

The Trigorilla Pro board is the board that regulary comes with newer AnyCubic i3 Mega machines, and possibly others.

Trigorilla Pro board in my hand

Hi, my board broke one stepper, AnyCubic said they are sending me a new one, so I've taken out mine and decided to see what's there, sharing here what I've learned with everyone who wants.


  • Guide.pptx -- you should start with this PowerPoint file (sorry, I don't even like PPT, but I realize it's some kind of file that pratically everyone can view and maybe edit even with 3rd party software)

  • pictures/ -- the pictures of the board (copy of the ones on the guide)

  • schematics/ -- board physical schematics, I needed that because I'm making a braket, contains a DXF file, and a PNG render of the said DXF file in case you don't have a DXF reader

Thank you

Everything here's free, but if you want to donate me crypto, you can:

BTC: 1PwAdvRQp5SaEgpLVkxkrYzZJs5Hjho5e2
BCH: qrfy9t5l7kg0m66vswz6jhjgucppy4r4vqlt7lhp9e
ETH: 0x278663620F2c687dA0a3b4239aDCC83464567cb5
LTC: MSmtSW2AbWgTyxznQazS67Ae8jhWUc7XLt

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