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Provides easy access to oracle databases from Sails.js & Waterline.

This module is a Waterline/Sails adapter, an early implementation of a rapidly-developing, tool-agnostic data standard. Its goal is to provide a set of declarative interfaces, conventions, and best-practices for integrating with all sorts of data sources. Not just databases-- external APIs, proprietary web services, or even hardware.

Strict adherence to an adapter specification enables the (re)use of built-in generic test suites, standardized documentation, reasonable expectations around the API for your users, and overall, a more pleasant development experience for everyone.


  • Add following dependency to package.json :

"waterline-oracle-adapter": "AnyPresence/waterline-oracle-adapter#TAG_VERSION" (make sure to replace TAG_VERSION with a valid one)

  • In config/connections.js, add following adapter configuration:

    storage_adapter_33: { adapter: 'waterline-oracle',
    username: props.getProperty("ORACLE_USERNAME"),
    password: props.getProperty("ORACLE_PASSWORD"),
    database: props.getProperty("ORACLE_DATABASE"),
    host: props.getProperty("ORACLE_HOST"),
    port: props.getProperty("ORACLE_PORT"),

    where properties are set in .env file in root application folder.

! Take in consideration that you will require to provide proper authorization configuration for the models. This is a sample Authorizations.js file to have access to defined columns over a Person model:

module.exports = { 'v1person': { 'requiresAuthentication': false,

'Unauthenticated Default': {
  'permittedScopes': [ 'all', 'exactMatch', 'count', 'countExactMatch' ],
  'objectLevelPermissions': [ 'create', 'read', 'update', 'delete' ],
  'fieldLevelPermissions': {
    'creatable': [ 'age', 'name', 'lastname', 'id' ],
    'updatable': [ 'age', 'name', 'lastname', 'id' ],
    'readable' : [ 'age', 'name', 'lastname', 'id' ]

}, };

creatable, updatable, and readable arrays specifies for the Unauthenticated Default role to which fields of the v1person model has access to create, update, and read determined fields.