Anyline Xamarin Module for iOS and Android
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Anyline Xamarin SDK

Anyline provides an easy-to-use SDK for applications to enable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on mobile devices.

Quick Start

  • If you'd like to clone the repository you will have to use git-lfs. Use the following commands to install git-lfs.

Download git lfs from

git lfs install
  • If you prefer downloading a package, use the provided zip package on the releases page. Be aware that the github download zip button does not work for projects with git-lfs.

File summary

  • BindingSource - Xamarin iOS and Android Binding Libraries, including wrappers
  • Examples - Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms example apps
  • AnylineXamarinSDK.Droid.dll - Precompiled library for Xamarin.Android
  • AnylineXamarinSDK.iOS.dll - Precompiled library for Xamarin.iOS
  • AnylineResources.Bundle - The iOS Resource files that have to be included to your app project as BundleResource (iOS only!)
  • AT.Anyline.Xamarin.App.Droid_<version>.apk - Prebuilt Android APK ready to install on your Android device
  • - This readme.
  • - The license file.


The anylinesdk-xamarin.sln Visual Studio solution located in the /BindingSource directory inhibits two projects: The project for Android bindings AnylineXamarinSDK.Droid and the iOS bindings project AnylineXamarinSDK.iOS.

Android: AnylineXamarinSDK.Droid

The Android Binding project creates a Bindings library from the provided Anyline Java library (.aar file), given Metadata.xml transforms and Additional C# code.

Located in the Assets/tools directory lies the javadoc and python scripts to automatize parameter naming fixes, as the Xamarin build tool is not able to keep the correct parameter names after binding.

iOS: AnylineXamarinSDK.iOS

The iOS Binding project provides easy compilation from the provided Anyline framework, given linker & binding definitions via Anyline.linkwith.cs, ApiDefinition.cs and StructsAndEnums.cs.

The binding definitions are generated by the Xamarin tool Objective Sharpie


The Examples directory provides source code for the Anyline Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android Example apps. Simply build & run the example project for your desired platform and enjoy scanning :)

Quick start & setup

For a detailed setup guide on how to integrate Anyline for your scanning application, please visit the Anyline Xamarin documentation.

Available Modules

  • Barcode: Scan 23 types of international barcode & QR code formats.
  • Energy: Scan meter readings of various electric, gas, and water meters.
  • Document: Detect and scan documents for further processing.
  • MRZ: Reliable scanning of data from passports' and IDs' machine readable zones (MRZ).
  • Anyline OCR: Create your own custom use case.
  • License Plate: Scan license plates.


  • A Xamarin account (If you work with Visual Studio, you need at least a Xamarin business account. Check out the Xamarin Website for detailed information)
  • Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio


  • Android device with SDK >= 18
  • decent camera functionality (recommended: 720p and adequate auto focus)


  • minimum iOS 8.2
  • minimum iPhone4s
  • A Mac computer for building / deploying to the iPhone


See LICENSE file.