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ESP8266EX Debug and Download Toolkit


The toolkit is quite useful for debugging, development and programming to an ESP8266EX WIFI module with below features:

  1. Auto-Search the COM# and baud rate an ESP8266EX module attached, without any troubles due to forget or not know the baud rate of an attached Espressif module.

  2. Adaptive Baud Rate matching with 74880bps supported, to avoid unread codes during bootstrap which is helpful for cause-locating and trouble-shooting.

  3. Supporting COM# above 10 without any necessity to adjust the COM number from the computer side.

  4. Capable of communicating both in Hexadecimal and normal ASCII mode.

  5. Capable of recording the logs on UART RXD.

  6. Support UART RXD display within auto mode. I.e. those data invisible in ASCII mode of your selection will be displayed as ¡°[hex value]¡±.

  7. Available with a quick launch to some frequently used AT commands.

  8. Available with a capability to boot the ESP8266EX module from serial port, and retrieve the chip info such as chipid, mac address, and flash info etc, and dump registers values without need of firmware.

  9. Available with a flexible flash downloading interface, with On-Press-Program? (OPP?) capabilities, supporting various types of Flash Map and SPI configuration, more debug information output, GPIO selection for LED indicator, and downloading speed selection during flash programming.

  10. Supporting various types of modules based on ESP8266EX SOC

  11. Supporting various Windows Operation Systems.

  12. Settings automatically saved and loaded

  13. More to be found out.

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