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This version is rated now

Updated for Patch 5.8 on steam (Balance patch notes: https://steamcommunity.com/app/221380/discussions/0/3317353727660644250/ ). New Auto Updater, thanks to Gregstein.

There are no further changes compared to 5.7.4

Due a game-crashing bug, this had to be updated to 5.8.1

Changes in 5.8.1 (b): Thanks to Sakura, there is also a localization for simplified chinese, as well as improved tooltips in simplified chinese now.

Changes in 5.8.1 (c): The installer no longer copies savegames when using the old patches/data mods option. Thanks to Jeowaypoint for the report. Also included a new multiplatform version of the auto-updater, thanks to Gregstein!

As always, the "letter" upgrades only affect the installer itself, not the game - If you already have 5.8.1, no need to reinstall.

You can either use the exe download (smaller file size, a bit more convenient to rerun the installation) or the zip download (May work better with antivirus software, also doesn't create an entry in your installed programs list). Otherwise, they work identically.

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Update README.md

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This version is now rated.
As it will probably still take a while for the 5.8 patch to leave the beta, there's the new 5.7.3 5.7.4 patch instead.

There is now an exe installer that can simply be downloaded, in addition to the old zip file. You can simply install WololoKingdoms by downloading and then running WololoKingdoms.exe.

Alternatively you can still install as before by downloading the zip file, extracting it, and running the WololoKingdoms.exe file contained inside of it.

Note: There was a bug with the Khmer bonus in 5.7.3, requiring the new version unfortunately. Please update again if you already installed 5.7.3. Sorry for the trouble!

Note 2: There are issues with the auto-updater - I've had to disable it for now. Please download the zip here.

Changes with this version:

  • Battle Elephant splash damage only deals half damage now
  • Demo Ships placed in the Scenario Editor self-destruct properly.
  • Unit groups have been seperated further: Slavs&Byzantines remain as the 70k group, there is a new 160k group with Huns&Mongols, and a new 170k group for Magyars. Thanks to YuenHsiaoTieng for feedback!
  • Thanks to AbductedPlatypus, there are new&improved DLC terrain graphics. No flickering of Mangrove terrains in the fog of war, less weird patterns and other improvements :)
  • Tooltips etc. updated for the 5.8 balance changes. Note: This means some of the tooltips show changes that haven't happened yet until 5.8 is official. It would be too much work for little gain to change this.
  • Included two additional Data Mods at request: No Collision Trade is a data mod that makes Trade Cogs/Carts have almost no collision size. Additional Editor Units is for scenario designers and unhides units in the scenario editor, with better names/

Installer improvements:

  • Resource files should now be loaded correctly if the exe is called from another directory (Thanks to Greg_Stream for the feedback)
  • Two instances fixed where users got incorrect/not useful error messages (such as "age2_x1.xml" not being found)
Jan 10, 2018
Update README.md

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Version 5.7.2 has a different dataset from previous version. Everyone who installed a previous version needs to download this new version and run the new installer again.
Thanks a lot to Jineapple who made all the work for this new version of WK, it wouldn't have happened without him.

NOTE: UP 1.5 is still in beta and recs/saves etc. are not guaranteed to work with newer updates of 1.5. The WololoKingdoms installer itself is also under development.

Make sure to download the WololoKingdoms.zip to run the installer, not the source files!

Changes with this version:
-Two new terrains have been added to the data file: Mangrove Shallows in Terrain slot 11 and Cracked Earth in Terrain Slot 38 (With a damage multiplier for buildings of 1.2). To make place for these terrains, Dirt2 has been removed (use the Building residue terrain 27, which has the same looks), the Snow Road terrain has been moved from 38 to 33, and the Snow Dirt terrain in 33 removed (use the Snow Residue terrain in 36, same looks).
For players and RMS scripters, you shouldn't need to care about the specifics (the internal constants have been updated accordingly). For existing scenarios, the terrains need to be switched to make them work as intended.

-The real world and special maps have been updated to reflect this. Apart from the Indonesia and Phillipines real world maps (which are more complicated), they should behave identically to the HD version equivalents.

-The automatic map converter built into the installer has been improved, and enabled for the "random-map-scripts" folder of the HD install. This means the installer will automatically try to convert your HD maps to work with WololoKingdoms. Hopefully it should work in most cases. It fails if the map uses its own terrain constants instead of the default ones. In some cases the result might work different than on HD, e.g. if the map needs to differentiate between regular water and DLC water for terrain replacement/object placement.

-The Independent Architecture concept has been expanded to units. The default unit looks are unchanged, but open for modding now. SLP numbers for modding are simple: Take the existing SLP number and add a value depending on the civ group. The values are:
-(0: Default)
-60000: Goths, Teutons, Vikings (Central European)
-70000: Byzantines, Huns, Slavs, Magyars (East European)
-80000: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Mediterranean)
-90000: Japanese
-100000: Chinese, Mongols, Koreans (East Asian)
-110000: Burmese, Vietnamese, Malay, Khmer (Southeast Asian)
-120000: Turks, Persians, Saracens, Berbers (Middle Eastern)
-130000: Indians
-140000: Ethopians, Malians (African)
-150000: Incas, Aztecs, Mayans (American)

I recommend making use of the mod_override folder of the installer to test these out. The civ list isn't final, I'm open to suggestions, though I don't want to blow up the count of different groups more than this.

-Added Barbarian and Promi to the list of AIs, made Promi the defaul AI.
-Added a "No Snow" option

-The three Ice Terrains (Shallow Ice/26, Solid Ice/35 and Ice Beach/37) now use different SLP files. The default appearance is the same, but it allows for terrain mods that distinguish between the terrains, e.g. to make it visible where ships can and can't go. You can see this in use when selecting the "No snow option"
Shallow Ice/26 is 15024.slp, Solid Ice/35 is 15020.slp and Ice Beach/37 is 15034.slp
(Thanks to Chrazini for the suggestion!)

-There are new "Resource Workshop" buildings, which have a resource trickle like a feitoria for map makers to use.
IDs 1300-1303: Auto-Convertible Food, Wood, Stone Gold Workshops
IDs 1304-1307: Regular Food, Wood, Stone Gold Workshops
1308: Auto-Convertible Workshop with all four resource trickles
1309: Regular Workshop with all four resource trickles.
All resource trickles are at a rate of 1/s. The speed of the trickle can be adjusted globally (for all such buildings on the map, including regular Feitorias) by changing the amount of resources 205-208 (Food, Wood, Stone, Gold) with effect_amount statements or corresponding triggers. (Thanks to Chrazini for the suggestion and Scripter for assistance)

-Fixed text not being centered in the Achievement Screen
-Added an option to disable fire galleys and demo rafts in feudal (with fire ship/demo ship not needing the war galley research) with rms scripting. There is an AOC_Islands.rms map included that demonstrates this. (Disabling Tech 604 disables Fire Galleys, Tech 605 Demo Rafts. Disabling Tech 168 enables Fire Ships in Castle, and disabling Tech 170 enables Demo Ships in castle)
-Fixed Malay Fish traps getting 730 food
-Fixed Khmer getting their no building requirements bonus in All Tech Games
-Fixed Turks/Huns getting cutting mangonels/onagers on nocut maps
-Added the option to enable the X-Patch Trade cart change (In short: Trade Carts twice as effective and expensive to reduce the number of units). To do so, disable Tech 88.
-Added the option to move coinage/banking techs:
Disable Tech 17 to remove Banking, Tech 23 to remove Coinage. Disable Tech 223 to get Castle Age Coinage, Tech 224 for Imperial Age coinage and tech 225 for Imperial Age Banking.
-Added XP_Black_Forest.map to demonstrate this.

Installer improvements:
-Allows selection of the install directory if the default directory is not the desired one.
-Makes it possible to not install the restricted civ versions (WololoKingdoms FE/AK) if that's not desired. For offline Games, this is now always the case
-Remembers the settings used during the last installation
-Allows a pure offline install without Voobly
-Makes it possible to decide whether custom HD maps (in the random-map-scripts folder) should be converted and copied or not.

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-This version is soon to be RATED on Voobly

Version 5.7 has a different dataset from previous version. Everyone who installed a previous version needs to download this new version and run the new installer again.

NOTE: UP 1.5 is still in beta and recs/saves etc. are not guaranteed to work with newer updates of 1.5. The WololoKingdoms installer itself is also under development.

Make sure to download the WololoKingdoms.zip to run the installer, not the source files!

Changes with 5.7

-Changed the version number so it's in sync with Steam patch numbers.
-Unbound the Wonder hotkey, so it doesn't conflict with other hotkeys when used for Palisade Gate/Feitoria
-Changed the description of hotkeys in the hotkey menu to clarify which hotkeys to use for Palisade Gates, Feitorias, Battle elephants, siege towers, Genitours
-Added the option to adjust garrison flags/blacksmith smoke for WK architectures, so they don't float in the air
-Fixed some garrison flags for regular architectures too
-Improved the detection which hotkey files are in use, with additional backups
-Added experimental support for Traditional Chinese
-Dynamic Loading of data mod list and expected version numbers
-adds a profile for normal aoc if none exists
-Fixed some small issues with independent architecture
-Made some code nicer to read
-Incas now get a llama on nomad when building the first TC
-Cartography is auto-researched upon building a market as in patch 5.7
-Included a No Wall/BBT mod
-Non regional monks icons will now properly changer colors
-Included a NoCut_Allied_Vision_BF.rms map with allied vision + onager cutting disabled

This patch also includes a (very hacky) auto-updater so that ideally, going forward you do not need to redownload future releases, but merely need to run the installer again.

If you have any questions, please check first if the readme answers them: https://github.com/Jineapple/WololoKingdoms

There were quite a few logic changes made to the installer with 2.8 and it's possible a few new bugs might have been introduced. Let me know if you encounter any issues