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jashkenas committed Apr 24, 2011
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@@ -340,16 +340,14 @@ <h2>Collection Functions (Arrays or Objects)</h2>
<p id="all">
- <b class="header">all</b><code>_.all(list, [iterator], [context])</code>
+ <b class="header">all</b><code>_.all(list, iterator, [context])</code>
<span class="alias">Alias: <b>every</b></span>
<br />
Returns <i>true</i> if all of the values in the <b>list</b> pass the <b>iterator</b>
- truth test. If an <b>iterator</b> is not provided, the truthy value of
- the element will be used instead. Delegates to the native method <b>every</b>, if
- present.
+ truth test. Delegates to the native method <b>every</b>, if present.
-_.all([true, 1, null, 'yes']);
+_.all([true, 1, null, 'yes'], _.identity);
=&gt; false

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