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This drops osxfuse support in favor of macFUSE. macFUSE is a newer
version of osxfuse that supports the latest release of macOS, and is a
rebranded version of the same project.

This also makes the build script locate libfuse more reliably by using
pkg-config instead of searching in predetermined directories.
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This file describes how to install dislocker onto your machine.


You need:

  • Compiler, gcc or clang;
  • cmake (at least version 2.6);
  • make (or gmake, for FreeBSD);
  • pkg-config;
  • Headers for FUSE;
  • Headers for mbedTLS (previously known as PolarSSL);
  • A partition encrypted with BitLocker, from Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

If you have Ruby headers, the library will compile with some Ruby bindings and another program - see the NOTE section below - will be available.

For Debian-like distos based on Debian Jessie or Ubuntu 14.04 or older:

  • aptitude install gcc cmake make libfuse-dev libpolarssl-dev ruby-dev

For Debian-like distos based on Debian Stretch or Ubuntu 16.04 or later:

  • aptitude install gcc cmake make libfuse-dev libmbedtls-dev ruby-dev

For Fedora-like:

  • dnf install gcc cmake make fuse-devel mbedtls-devel ruby-devel rubypick

Alternatively, running dnf install dislocker fuse-dislocker to use the already existing RPM packages in Fedora could be a clever idea.

For RHEL-like (including CentOS Scientific Linux):

  • yum install gcc cmake make fuse-devel mbedtls-devel ruby-devel /usr/bin/ruby

Alternatively, running yum install dislocker fuse-dislocker to use the already existing RPM packages in EPEL could be a clever idea.

For FreeBSD:

  • pkg install cmake gmake fusefs-libs mbedtls

For OSX: Follow the instructions in the next section.

Note that the code expects at least FUSE 2.6.


Each OS type has its own section below, beware to follow yours:

If you are on MacOSX...

Just install Homebrew ( and run the following commands:

brew update
brew install Caskroom/cask/macfuse
brew install src/dislocker.rb

This will install dislocker.

If you're on FreeBSD...

Follow the instructions below (next subsection) by replacing 'make' with 'gmake'.

If you are NOT on MacOSX...

If you already have installed the dependencies (see REQUIREMENTS section above), you have to type the following commands to install the binaries on your system:

cmake .
sudo make install

Don't forget the dot (.) on the cmake command-line. If you only want to generate the binaries, without installing them, you can skip the last command (the one beginning with sudo).

Note that the '-Werror' flag in the cmake WARN_FLAGS variable may break the compilation for useless warnings. If you know what you're doing, you can remove it by running the following cmake command instead of the one above:

cmake -D WARN_FLAGS:STRING="-Wall -Wextra" .

See the cmake documentation if you want to customize the build.

Once installed, see dislocker(1) for details on how to use it.


I'm sure you don't want to do that. But if you're really forced by someone, just type make uninstall as super-user.

mbedTLS 2.0.0

Since the version 2.0.0 of mbedTLS, the build moves "crypto" functions such as AES and SHA256 into a separate, libmbedcrypto, library. However, a typo didn't installed this library, resulting in some packagers not providing this library, thus breaking the dislocker compilation. If you have this problem, it's recommended to run the following commands (they have been put in the src/ script, if you don't want to copy/paste from here):

git clone
cd mbedtls
git checkout mbedtls-2.0.0

Then apply the patch given by the following command:

git show 6f42417b library/CMakeLists.txt

And compile/install the library:

cmake .
sudo make install

You can then resume the installation where you have left it.


Globally, this was successfully tested on Linux x86/x86_64, MacOSX and FreeBSD. It won't work on Windows and may not work on other BSDs (not tested).

For MacOSX, it has been tested against OSXFUSE 2.3.8 and 2.3.9.

Cases where you need to remove the '-Werror' from the WARN_FLAGS variable:

  • You're on Ubuntu 10.04;
  • You're using GCC with a version older than 4.3.

Whether it works or not, feel free to send comments and feedbacks to dislocker AT hsc DOT fr.


Five binaries are built when compiling dislocker as described in the file:

  1. dislocker-bek: for dissecting a .bek file and printing information about it

  2. dislocker-metadata: for printing information about a BitLocker-encrypted volume

  3. dislocker-find: not a binary but a Ruby script which tries to find BitLocker encrypted partition among the plugged-in disks (only work if the library is compiled with the Ruby bindings)

  4. dislocker-file: for decrypting a BitLocker encrypted partition into a flat file formatted as an NTFS partition you can mount

  5. dislocker-fuse: the one you're using when calling `dislocker', which dynamically decrypts a BitLocker encrypted partition using FUSE

You can build each one independently providing it as the makefile target. For instance, if you want to compile dislocker-fuse only, you'd simply run:

$ cmake .
$ make dislocker-fuse