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My scripts

  • allctx (awk) Count context switches for all processes
  • ap_scan (awk) Save wireless Access Points and show statistics
  • backup (sh) Rsync incremental backups
  • batleft (sh) Calculate battery time left and other information
  • constate (sh) Multiple ping tests
  • clip (sh) Clipboard editor
  • ctx (sh) Count system context switches
  • doat (sh) Emulates the at command without daemon
  • enc (sh) Encrypt and decrypt files with openssl
  • extract (sh) Exctract multiple archive formats
  • history_stat (awk) ZSH command history statistics
  • length (awk) Show Audio/Video play time
  • luakit_bookmarks (sh) Luakit bookmarks dmenu loader
  • meteo (python3) Weather info
  • mouse (awk) Control mouse power and autosuspend
  • mpc_time (awk) Get current playlist total time
  • msync (sh) Sync machine git repos
  • notify-send-wrapper (sh) Root capable notify-send
  • remote (sh) Run local scripts on remote machines
  • planet (sh) Run and update info for xplanet
  • procctx (sh) Count context switches for given PID
  • ps_mem (awk) Process memory use
  • screenshot (sh) Screenshot wrapper
  • sightings (awk) Get ISS sightings from NASA
  • stats (awk) Machine statistics (Boot/Up/Idle time, Forks, Context Switches, Interrupts, wlan0 rx/tx)
  • transmission-status (python3) Get transmission torrents status via RPC to be used in conky
  • toggle (sh) Start or stop services
  • uterm (sh) Urxvt wrapper