Supported Models

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Supported models

Models Supported Mode Samsung o.s. Year
Series C Yes Legacy 2010
Series D Yes Legacy 2011
Series E(S/H) Yes Legacy 2012
Series F Yes Legacy 2013
Series H No Pin 2014
Series J No Pin Tizen 2015
Series K Yes Socket Tizen 2016
Series M/Qled Yes Socket Tizen 2017

Tizen support started in ~2015, of which the pin/encryption came later



--method legacy For legacy mode to work you don't need websockets. This will work out of the box with a normal ip address as instructed in the readme.


--method socket Socket support works on semi new models.


Pin mode request a pin code on your t.v. model before it will start to work. This is not yet supported! This also uses an encrypted which is not yet open-source.

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