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Quick Start

Use the Alchemy provider plugin to interact with blockchains via APIs. The ape-alchemy plugin supports the following ecosystems:

  • Ethereum
  • Arbitrum
  • Base
  • Optimism
  • Polygon



via pip

You can install the latest release via pip:

pip install ape-alchemy

via setuptools

You can clone the repository and use setuptools for the most up-to-date version:

git clone
cd ape-alchemy
python3 install

Quick Usage

First, make sure you have one of the following environment variables set (it doesn't matter which one):

  • WEB3_<ecosystem>_<network>_ALCHEMY_PROJECT_ID
  • WEB3_<ecosystem>_<network>_ALCHEMY_PROJECT_ID

For example, to use both Arbitrum and Ethereum in the same session, you could set both WEB3_ARBITRUM_MAINNET_ALCHEMY_PROJECT_ID and WEB3_ETHEREUM_MAINNET_ALCHEMY_PROJECT_ID.

NOTE: If using non-Ethereum networks, take care to install the correct plugins, such as ape-arbitrum, ape-optimism, etc:

ape plugins install arbitrum

Then, either in your current terminal session or in your root RC file (e.g. .bashrc), add the following:

export WEB3_ALCHEMY_PROJECT_ID=MY_API_TOKEN=<value-of-secret-key>

To use the Alchemy provider plugin in most commands, set it via the --network option:

ape console --network ethereum:goerli:alchemy

To connect to Alchemy from a Python script, use the networks top-level manager:

from ape import networks

with networks.parse_network_choice("ethereum:mainnet:alchemy") as provider:

Transaction Traces

If you are using a paid tier of Alchemy, you have access to both Geth and Parity style traces. Parity traces are faster and thus are the ones uses in Ethereum receipts' show_trace() method:

from ape import networks

alchemy = networks.provider  # Assuming connected to Alchemy
txn_hash = "0x053cba5c12172654d894f66d5670bab6215517a94189a9ffc09bc40a589ec04d"
receipt = alchemy.get_transaction(txn_hash)
receipt.show_trace()  # Prints the Transaction trace

To access the raw CallTree, do:

from ape import networks

alchemy = networks.provider  # Assuming connected to Alchemy
txn_hash = "0x053cba5c12172654d894f66d5670bab6215517a94189a9ffc09bc40a589ec04d"
call_tree = alchemy.get_call_tree(txn_hash)

To learn more about transaction traces, view Ape's transaction guide.