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Quick Start

Ape compiler plugin around VVM



via pip

You can install the latest release via pip:

pip install ape-vyper

via setuptools

You can clone the repository and use setuptools for the most up-to-date version:

git clone
cd ape-vyper
python3 install

Quick Usage

First, place Vyper contract source files (files with extension .vy) in your Ape project's contracts folder. An example Vyper contract can be found here. Then, from your root Ape project folder, run the command:

ape compile

The .vy files in your project will compile into ContractTypes that you can deploy and interact with in Ape.

Contract Flattening

For ease of publishing, validation, and some other cases it's sometimes useful to "flatten" your contract into a single file. This combines your contract and any imported interfaces together in a way the compiler can understand. You can do so with a command like this:

ape vyper flatten contracts/MyContract.vy build/MyContractFlattened.vy


This feature is experimental. Please report any bugs you find when trying it out.

Compiler Version

By default, the ape-vyper plugin uses version pragma for version specification. However, you can also configure the version directly in your ape-config.yaml file:

  version: 0.3.7

EVM Versioning

By default, ape-vyper will use whatever version of EVM rules are set as default in the compiler version that gets used, or based on what the #pragma evm-version ... pragma comment specifies (available post-v0.3.10). Sometimes, you might want to use a different version, such as deploying on Arbitrum or Optimism where new opcodes are not supported yet. If you want to require a different version of EVM rules to use in the configuration of the compiler, set it in your ape-config.yaml like this:

  evm_version: paris

NOTE: The config value chosen will not override if a pragma is set in a contract.


You can not compile interface source files directly. Thus, you must place interface files in a directory named interfaces in your contracts_folder e.g. contracts/interfaces/IFace.vy. Then, these files can be imported in other .vy sources files via:

import interfaces.IFace as IFace

Alternatively, use JSON interfaces from dependency contract types by listing them under the import_remapping key:

# Use `voting` example contracts from Vyperlang repo.
  - name: VyperVoting
    github: vyperlang/vyper
    contracts_folder: examples/voting/
    version: v0.3.8

# Automatically allow importing voting contracts in your project.
    - "voting=VyperVoting@v0.3.8"

Import the voting contract types like this:

# @version 0.3.10

import voting.ballot as ballot


Ape-Vyper supports Vyper 0.3.10's new pragma formats

Version Pragma

#pragma version 0.3.10

EVM Version Pragma

#pragma evm-version paris

Optimization Pragma

#pragma optimize codesize