Small application to edit your openclonk content.
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Yet small application to edit and create openclonk content files.


  • Ace-editor integration to edit documents (with highlighting of c4script-syntax)
  • Create contents from pre-defined templates
  • Explorer to view and edit your clonk directories

Run unstable

By using electron release:

By installing node.js:

  • Download and install nods.js
  • run npm in command line and install electron (pre-builds) as global
  • start run.bat in app folder or launch electron within that folder manually

When developing nanoMill

  • If you ran nanoMill once, you can add "devmode": true in window.json in appData folder (nanoMill has to be closed to not overwrite that)
  • If done as stated, you can open/close Webkit console with Ctrl+Shift+I and reload the renderer process with Ctrl+R