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This represents the official release of Apicurio Studio, version 0.2.12.Final.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

  • #334 Downloading designs get a 500 error - Openshift
  • #331 UX: Add full explanation to problem Notification Drawer
  • #327 UX: update L&F of context-help panel
  • #325 Charset issue while importing api design from url
  • #324 UX: Notification bell icon should be light blue (hover) and blue (selected)
  • #323 UX: Editor title bar should cut off horizontal scrolling with ellipsis (for long names)
  • #322 Swagger icon (for 2.0 docs) is not centered
  • #321 UX: Relocate title bar and validation notification icon/drawer
  • #320 Bug: Deleting a selected path breaks the UI
  • #319 UX: replace alert UI with signpost UI
  • #317 Bug: Check the validation of Server variables
  • #314 Apicurio Studio-Quickstart Not working
  • #310 UX: Update breadcrumbs to remove Dashboard and icons
  • #307 Unable to save API
  • #306 Codegen: Check generated project directly into e.g. GitHub
  • #305 KeyCloak for use with Apicurio
  • #239 API Editor: Master selection is de-selected when using Source tab
  • #137 API Editor: When mandatory /info entries omitted clicking "Go To Problem" on prompt results in page blank

For more information, please see the Apicurio Studio's official project site: