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This represents the official release of Apicurio Studio, version 0.2.16.Final.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

  • #469 Left bar is not showing correctly
  • #468 Editor: Create a filterable drop-down control
  • #467 Apicurio studio 466
  • #466 GitLab connector does not fetch all groups/projects/branches
  • #463 Authentication fails: https://studio-auth.apicur.io:443: Connection reset
  • #458 Editor: Additional Fields in Definition (Enum, Examples, Minimum, Maximum, Default)
  • #446 Fixes Syndesis Issue 3497: Apicurio GUI - info box not showed properly
  • #445 API Details: Tags should use PF labels
  • #444 Editor: Clearing out a field value should "null" it out properly
  • #443 Editor: Source view should update when document changes (unless dirty)
  • #439 Editor: Request Body always open in POST/PUT methods, overlaps with other elements
  • #438 Editor: feature request: generate examples based on the datatype definition
  • #437 Editor: show the provided example for the Data Types
  • #435 Editor: Show error when user tries to create a param with a duplicate name
  • #432 API Collaborators UI - Deleting a collaborator does not work
  • #431 Editor: Data type not de-selected after being deleted
  • #430 Editor: Display and edit description for Data Types (schema definitions)
  • #429 Editor: Allow editing/display of Path Item summaries & descriptions
  • #422 Editor: Box for entering / editing description is missing in path info
  • #416 Editor: Distorted UI when switching from GET to PUT of a path
  • #413 Editor: In Definitions "formatted as" cannot be set to string
  • #412 Editor: Update operation parameter UI if another user changes something in the path item
  • #406 Deleting a path and then re-creating it with the same path name (e.g. /) breaks the model
  • #333 How to tag an api operation?
  • #326 UX: Add a "counter" to all sections that list N items (tags, servers, etc)
  • #315 API Editor: Allow rename path
  • #266 Having funny UI behavior when using Grammarly extension in the browser
  • #261 API Editor: auto-detect JSON only checks for {
  • #224 Back-End: Increase description field size limit in JDBC layer
  • #220 API Editor: Refactor names (Definitions, Responses, etc)
  • #169 Dashboard: Recent APIs should come from server
  • #139 Editor: Source disappears when not valid OpenAPI markup
  • #127 the current oauth security template for swagger is missing a parameter
  • #119 API Editor: edit @Produces and @consumes per Operation
  • #117 API Editor: Edit tags for an Operation
  • #112 Explore Auth0 for authentication
  • #105 API Editor: auto-expand inline text editor as the user types
  • #21 Add Travis CI with nightly snapshot releases

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