@EricWittmann EricWittmann released this Oct 17, 2018 · 74 commits to master since this release

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This represents the official release of Apicurio Studio, version 0.2.17.Final.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

  • #476 Add macOS shortcuts for undo/redo
  • #475 Editor: Handle cycles in Example generator
  • #474 Editor: Missing hover effects for Data Type example when no value
  • #473 Activity Log: Use moment.js to display timestamps using "fromNow()"
  • #471 Editor: Support Cmd-Z and Cmd-Y for undo/redo on macs
  • #470 POC: Support for 3scale specific properties
  • #454 Editor: Update the UX for creating a parameter to use full-page editor
  • #442 Editor: Make it easier to apply tag definitions when tagging an operation
  • #418 Publish Action: Easier publish to the same repository
  • #417 Usability: "Media Type" should be a drop-down-list with pre-defined media types
  • #395 GitLab connector does not show Group Projects
  • #349 Allow updating the source for the entire API

For more information, please see the Apicurio Studio's official project site: