@EricWittmann EricWittmann released this Dec 11, 2018 · 51 commits to master since this release

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This represents the official release of Apicurio Studio, version 0.2.19.Final.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

  • #524 openshift templates
  • #522 UX - Consistent message for inline rules
  • #520 API Details: Show # of collaborators
  • #519 Collaborate: Update the UI for collaboration/invitations based on UX designs
  • #517 Editor: Make error messages consistent when creating entities
  • #515 Editor: Remove "Data Type" and "Path" from right-click context menus in master panel
  • #512 Editor: Remove the "Add Contact Info" dialog
  • #511 New API: Template boxes don't flow well on resize
  • #510 Editor: Remove separator line from Path/Data Type context menu kabob
  • #509 Define Security Requirement: scope checkboxes can overlap when the scope names are long
  • #508 [Question] Is there a config item for local Bitbucket (like local Gitlab)?
  • #507 Only "owners" should be allowed to delete APIs
  • #505 Path Parameters Can't Parse Extensions
  • #504 Allow me to make other users on a project as owners
  • #502 [Snyk] Fix for 8 vulnerable dependencies
  • #501 [Snyk] Fix for 3 vulnerable dependencies
  • #499 Editor: Add "collapse all [except]..." actions for UI sections
  • #496 Editor: handle up/down arrows in Path and Data Type lists (master section)
  • #495 Editor: Convert all components to OnPush for UI performance reasons
  • #493 massive changes to how operations are displayed
  • #492 Dashboard: Icon not active on left nav by default
  • #490 Deployment: Upgrade to latest Thorntail (replace WF Swarm)
  • #489 Editor: Update L&F of operations
  • #488 Required property should not be flagged as invalid when using inside allOf
  • #487 Editor: Data types misses type: object
  • #472 Location of APICURIO_UI_URL when configuring keycloak for Apicurio?
  • #465 Editor: Validation aggregate overlay panel displays under the Ace editor content
  • #448 Collaborators: Improve the Copy To Clipboard feature
  • #292 API Editor: Implement "delete all" for all global entities
  • #284 Feature: Clone/Make Copy of API
  • #190 API Details: Action to convert from 2.0 to 3.0
  • #67 API Editor Page: use Pull Request when committing changes?

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