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Apla Platform

Apla Blockchain Platform is a secure, simple and compliant blockchain infrastructure for the fast-growing global collaborative economy. It was developed for building digital ecosystems. The platform includes an integrated application development environment with a multi-level system of access rights to data, interfaces and smart contracts.

The Apla Blockchain Platform is built based on a peer-to peer network. Full nodes of the network store the up-to-date version of the blockchain and the database, in which the current state of the platform is recorded. Network users receive data by requesting it from databases of full nodes using the software client. It is possible to use REST API to work with the platform as well.

New data is sent to the network in the form of transactions signed by users and such transactions are basically commands to modify information in the database. Transactions are aggregated into blocks, which are then added to the blockchain on the network nodes. After a new block is added to the blockchain, each full node processes the transactions in this block, thus making changes to data in its database accordingly.

Get Started

Apla Quickstart is a compact software package, which allows users to deploy the Apla blockchain network on a local computer by installing 1 to 5 nodes alongside the platform’s client software.

It is aimed at providing end users with an idea of how Apla blockchain works and usage examples of graphical interface elements as well as smart-contracts. Quickstart works well on computers running Windows, Mac and Linux.

Apla Quickstart for Linux and Mac

Apla Quickstart for Windows

Apla Testnet is our platform's network for testing purposes. Using the testnet, you can build apps from scratch and try out how apps built with Apla Quickstart operate in a real network environment. See your projects in action. Try out the latest Apla features.

Apla Testnet

Apla Blockchain Platform deployment Ready to deploy the network? You can find out how to do that using our guide


We love developers and we enjoy answering your questions. Any question or suggestion? Join the discussions via our community channel on Telegram.


We are open to new ideas and contributions and will be happy to see you among our active contributors to the source code, documentation, or whatever part you find inspiring in Apla.

Contribution Guide


Apla Documentation

Apla White Paper