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Wikipedia citation tool for Google Books, New York Times, ISBN, DOI and more
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atom Initial import.
gdata Initial import.
isbn_hyphenate Updated isbn_hyphenate lib
static Better citation format for harv.
test Better author parsing for OCLC.
testingjs Initial import.
.gitignore now starts the dev appserver. Initial import.
COPYING Added license: GPLv3 Initial import.
README Initial import. Initial import.
app.yaml Changed application id to reftag-hrd, the High Replication Datastore … Initial import. Removed semicolons that are not needed in Python
effective_tld_names.dat Initial import. Clean up unused, comemnted out include. sys is nice to have for debug… Add only one identifier of each kind. Initial import. Initial import. Fix imports
index.yaml Fixed date conversion bug. Initial import. Fixed up after changes in Nytimes and Google Books broke the tests. For nytimes, show an error message instead of general error when some… Initial import. Initial import. Fixed and added test. Initial import.


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