An easy way of making inlines orderable using drag-and-drop
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An easy way of making inlines orderable using drag-and-drop.


pip install -e git+git://

Add inline_orderable to INSTALLED_APPS in


Step 1

Declare your model as a subclass of Orderable

from inline_orderable.models import Orderable
class MyModel(Orderable):
	class Meta(Orderable.Meta):

This will add an extra column called order.

The Meta class declaration is NOT necessary, add it only if you need to set your own meta attributes.

Step 2

Declare your admin inline class as a subclass of OrderableStackedInline or OrderableTabularInline

from inline_orderable.admin import OrderableStackedInline, OrderableTabularInline
class MyModelInline(OrderableStackedInline):

class MyModel2Inline(OrderableTabularInline):

Step 3

Include jQuery and jQuery.ui

class MyParentModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
	inlines = (MyModelInline, )
	class Media:
		js = (

Step 4 (optional)

django-inline-orderable uses staticfiles available from Django 1.3.

If you're using Django 1.2 just copy the media files to your MEDIA_ROOT.