Apocrathia's Home Assistant Configuration Files
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Apocrathia's Home Assistant Configuration Files

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This is something that I've been meaning to get setup for a while now. I am referencing shortbloke's repository for a lot of this, as I really appcreciate the organization that he has come up with for all of this.

Configuration File Status

Each commit triggers a build check by TravisCI. If this is successful, my local HASS instance will automagically pull down the new configuration and restart itself.

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I am running Home Assistant within Hass.io on an Ubuntu virtual machine which is running within VMware ESXi on an Intel NUC. For the most part, I have attempted to abstract as much hardware from the equation as possible.

General Information

This configuration controls a couple of significant features in my smart home.

  • Alarm Clock using my bedroom lights and TV
  • Turning the outside lights on at night
  • Arming the alarm system when nobody is home
  • Security lighting when motion is detected at my front door

Note: Private information is stored in secrets.yaml (not uploaded)