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Documentation MIT License Swift 5.2.4


Bubo is an opensource sourcecode analyser for Swift.

The tool has been developed to support developers in the endeavour of decomposing Swift server-side applications into microservices and provides an infrastructure to manage the decomposition process.

Bubo is still under development and is not stable! Contributions are welcome, please check the contributions section if you want to help out.


Bubo has been developed for the use with macOS 10.15.5 and Swift 5.2.4 and higher.

As Bubo makes use of the clang compiler, it is required to run on the specified Swift version.


Bubo can be build via the swift compiler:

  1. Clone bubo to your prefered directory
git clone <url>
  1. Move into the cloned repository
cd Bubo
  1. Build Bubo via the command line
swift build

Due to a linker error with SwiftSyntax, building from Xcode does not work out of the box.

To solve this issue, you can create an alias to the corresponding library as follows:

ln -s $(xcode-select -p)/../Frameworks/lib_InternalSwiftSyntaxParser.dylib /usr/local/lib


Bubo provides you with a comprehensive command line interface based on the swift-argument-parser.

As Bubo is still in its prototyping phase, you can use the executable generated in the .build/debug directory.

To check if Bubo has been set up correctly, type:

$> ./.build/debug/Bubo status

Bubo allows you to create projects and manage a set of services in a project. A service is any kind of Swift based program that forms an individual deployment unit in your system.

For a full documentation on how to use Bubo, we refer you to Bubo's help pages:

$> ./.build/debug/Bubo -h

Technical Background

Bubo uses SwiftSyntax and the IndexStoreDB, to generate structural dependency graphs for arbitrary Swift programs.

These dependency graphs are the basis for analysis operations and feature location.

The structural analyser is still work in progress. A semantic analyser and feature location component are planned. We will update this README, when we can provide you with more information on this.


Contributions to this projects are welcome. Please make sure to read the contribution guidelines first.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See License for more information.


A Prototype for the semi-automated decomposition of Swift server-side Applications



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