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Gen Vehicle Protocol Tool

It's a convinent tool to let you quickly generate a nearly complete code for a new vehicle.

You only have to do is to have the dbc file (which is a communication protocol for the car, which is usually made by the vehicle integrated company), and write a less 10 lines config for generate an encode/decode `


sudo pip install pyyaml


The tool's input is :

  • vehicle dbc file : like lincoln's dbc file, put it under this folder
  • generator tool config file: for an example, a lincoln's is lincoln_conf.yml, detail you can see the example file of lincoln_conf.yml


python lincoln_conf.yml

Tool Framework

  • : a central control the overall generating progress and will call the scripts below
  • extract dbc info to an internal generator tool used yaml config, which will include a protocol name, id, how many vars in a protocol, every var's name, type, byte start, bit_start, bit_len etc. When we have these info, we can automitally generate code as we wish.
  • generate a proto file for this vehicle, which is used to store parsed info from CAN frame using these generated code.
  • generate protocol code (encoding and decoding CAN frame)according to the extract dbc meta.
  • gen_vehicle_controller_and_manager: generate vehicle controller and vehicle message manager according to our recent chassis canbus framework.
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