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A GPU-powered image editor (in the making)
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Papaya is a free, open-source and cross-platform image editor.

screenshot 1

Papaya is completely free. The entire source code is open and is MIT-licensed, which means anyone is free to use and extend the code, even for commercial purposes.

Papaya runs natively on Windows and Linux. There is an OS X fork at chemecse/Papaya.


You can download a stable, inital version of Papaya on the Releases page.

Development status

Papaya is a part-time project, and very much a work in progress.

The current development focus is on getting a node infrastructure in place that will enable layering of bitmaps and effects.

The following features are functional so far:

  • Brush with adjustable size, hardness and opacity
  • Eye dropper
  • Color picker
  • Loading jpg & png images, saving png images
  • Undo/Redo
  • Drawing tablet support with pressure sensitivity

For development updates, you can follow @PapayaEditor on Twitter.


To build on Linux, go to build/linux/ in your Papaya folder, and run the make command in your terminal. Papaya currently depends on GTK+ on Linux, for open/save dialog boxes, so you will need to install that before building Papaya.

To build on Windows, go to build/windows and open the Visual Studio 2015 solution. You should also be able build successfully in older versions of Visual Studio by changing the Platform Toolset in the Project Properties page in the General tab.

Papaya's master branch is currently very unstable because some foundational work is being done, on adding nodes for layering and effects. Please do not report segfaults or build failures on the master branch until the branch stabilizes, at which point I will again welcome bug reports and pull requests.

If you still want to explore and play with code, switch to the 0.1 release, but be warned - the code has changed substantially since.


Developed by Apoorva Joshi with the help of many wonderful people who have contributed directly and indirectly. I plan to have a more detailed credits section in-application when we ship a more substantial version.

Uses Omar Cornut's ImGui for UI.

Uses Sean Barrett's stb libraries.

Inspired by Casey Muratori and his excellent educational project Handmade Hero.

The photo featured in the image above is creative commons licensed by its original creator, Bipin.


Papaya is licensed under the MIT License, see LICENSE for more information.

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